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Piping systems are like arteries and veins.They carry the lifeblood of modern civilization.In a modern city they transport water from the sources of water supply to the points of distribution; convey waste from residential and commercial buildings and other civic facilities to the treatment facility or the point of discharge.Similarly , pipelines carry oil from oil wells to tanks for storage or to refineries for precessing.

The fire protection piping networks in residential, commercial, industrial and other buildings carry fire suppression fluids, such as water, gases and chemicals and other vital substances to provide protection of human life and property.

The piping systems in thermal power plants convey high-pressure and high-temperature steam to generateelectricity.Other piping systems in a power plant transport high- and low-pressure water, chemicals, low pressure steam, super heated steam and vaious condensates

The storm and wastewater piping systems transport large quantittes of water away from towns, cities and industrial and similar establishments to safegaur life, property and essential facilities.

The design, construction, operation, and maintenance of various piping systems involve understanding of piping fundamentals, materials generic and specific design considerations, fabrication and installation, examinations, and testing and inspection requirements, in addition to the local, state and federal regulations

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