/ Piping Abbrevation

Piping Abbreviations

Access Opening (AO)
American National Pipe Thread (NPT)
American Petroleum Institute (API)
American Scoiety for Testing Materials-(ASTM)
American Standards Association-(ASA)
AND (&)

Battery Limit (BL)
Bevelled (B)
Bevelled Both Ends (BBE)
Bevelled One End (BOE)
Bevelled Large End (BLE)
Bevelled Small End (BSE)
Blind Flange (BF)
Bottom (BOT)
Bottom of pipe (BOP)
British Standars (BS)

Certificate (CERT)
Chain Operator (CH.OP)
Clean Out (CO)
Corrosion (CORR)
Column (COL)
Continued (CONT)
Continued on Drawing (COD)
Coupling (CPLG)
Control valve (CV)
Check (CHK)

Degrees (DEG)
Details (DET)
Dimension (DIM)
Discharge (DISCH)
Drain (DR)
Drawing (DWF)

ElBow (ELL)
Elevation (EL)
Exchanger (EXC)
Eye Wash (EW)
Equipment (EQUIP)

Fabricated (FAB)
Face to Flange (FOF)
Feet (FT)
Flange (FLG)
Flat Face (FF)
Field Weld (FW)
Figure (FIG)
Flow Indicator (FI)

Gasket (GSKT)
Gear Operated (GO)
Grade (GR)
Gate Valve (GaV)
Globe Valve (GIV)

Hand Hole (HH)
Height (HT)
High Point Of Paving (HPP)
Horizontal (HOR)
Hose Connection (HC)
Hydraulic (HYD)
High Pressure (HP)
Heater (HTR)
High Liquid Level (HLL)
Hand Control Valve (HCV)

Inside Diameter (ID)
Inches (IN)
Insulation Safety (IS)
Steam Trace (IST)
Instrumentation Society of America (ISA)
Iron Pipe Size (IPS)
Invert Elevation (INV)
Insulation (heat conservation) (IH)
Instrumentation (INST)
Inside Depth Of Dish (IDD)
Electric Trace (IET)
Instrument Air (IA)

Junction (JCT)
Jack Screw (JS)
Joint (JT)

Level (L)
Pounds (LBS)
Lock Closed (LC)
Level Gauge (LG)
Level Indicator (LI)
Low Liquid Level (LLL)
Line (LN)
Lock Open (LO)
Low Pressure (LP)
Level Switch (LS)
Long Radius Weld Elbow (LRWE)



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