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PDS (Plant Design System)


PLANT DESIGN SYSTEM(PDS) is a three dimentional modeling software and it is used for plant design, construction & operations.
PDS is used to create equipment models, extract isometric drawings and perform design interference checks & equipment clashes.

PDS projects range from smallplant revamps to multibillion dollar offshore platform construction.It reduces the total installed cost of the project due to its efficiency.So thats why many engineers and owners select PDS as their corporate standards and for past 25 years PDS dominates the plant design indusrty world.

The power plants uses PDS 3D Modeling are:
Water treatment Plant
Oil & Natural Gas
Chemical Plants
Mariene PlantsMany Pulp & Paper Industries

About PDS Software background
Plantform- Microsoft Windows
Database- Microsoft SQL Server , Oracle, informix(IBM acquired Ascential Software)

PDS interfaces with Intergraph SmartPlant 3D Software.

Benefits Of PDS

  • Improves Productivity
  • As it is 3D modelling the design created by this software is good.
    The dynamic walk-through allows operations & maintenance and interactively view the plant before it is constructed
  • Interference checking reduces the field reworks
  • Accurate material take-offs lessers the cost


Bibrain - Student training for Piping, AutoCad, Sp3D, Pds, Pv Elite & Caeser II.

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