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We have been offering a wide range of Engineering and Technical services and Achiever in understanding the need of the clients problems and providing instant solutions at amazing speed, More Importantly, Widely known and trusted in the Industry.

Various Plant Detailing

Bibrain provides plant detailing for Powerplant, Water treatment Plant, Chemical Plant, Oil & Gas, Pulp and Paper Industry and Process Plants.

Process & Instrumentation Diagrams

After detailed analysis, We provides Process and Instrumentation Diagrams

Equipments & Piping Layouts

Arrangment of Equipment and Piping is a Primary activity of Bibrain's piping Engineering department and make sure that it is Safe and Economical

Pressure Vessel Design & Detailing

This can be done with high degree of concern & Saftey factors such as maximum safe operating pressure and temperature are cared with attention to minute details

3D Modeling

Three dimensional computer graphics modeling is designed using Software Resources scanned, Rendered and printed if necessary to check the desired output for various design needs.

Design Analysis

While Design analysis process of PowerPlant design, Enlargement, Enhancement and redesign if necessary are must consider factors of Bibrain's design analysis team to deliver work beyond clients expectations.

Piping Isometric Drawing With Bill of Materials

Popular Piping Isometric diagram process is drawn in a manner by with accurate length, width and depth are shown in a single view. We have a dedicated Engineers for this process.

Vendor Related Services

Vendor or Supplier - related services support the core of Bibrain's business. Delivering On time, On schedule, On cost is our top most priority.

Bid Preparation Assistance

Successful bids requests some assistance, Bibrain provides this service which will help you estimate the work costs and prepare your bids.

Other Service Projects